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Creating Life Consciously

Carmelle Kemp

Hey everyone, this is Carmelle Kemp and this is the Creating Life Consciously podcast. In the last 10 years my life has changed in very deep and profound ways. I went from what I referred to as a complete shitshow to a Shaman and Spiritual Mentor. Through the experiences I’ve had with sacred plant medicine, my teachers and my guru I have been able to shift my perceptions and tap into higher dimensions of consciousness. The subconscious reactions and old habits and patterns of unworthiness and self-sabotage no longer rule my life. I was guided to create this podcast by my “team in the unseen”. Call them Angels, Spirit Guides, Medicine Helpers or the Divine Higher Self. At the end of the day there are higher dimensions of consciousness that we are able to connect with and tap into that allow us to see beyond the illusions of 3 dimensional physical reality and consciousness. In doing so we can move along this path that we call life with the ability to navigate through obstacles and challenges with grace and ease. More people than ever are discovering that they are trapped within the walls of their own making. Our past, our fears, our attachments, and our beliefs get in the way of creating our lives consciously. On this podcast I dive into deep conversations with people that are awakening and living from a higher dimension of consciousness that allows them to manifest and create their lives consciously, joyfully and with purpose. Along the way my guests and I will share mystical experiences that go beyond the understanding of the mind. How to tap into different dimensions of consciousness, our ever present connection to Spirit and what we have learned as we continue to navigate the unknown mystery of what we call life. And most importantly how you can do the same.Thank you for taking the time to tune in to the Creating Life Consciously podcast. You can listen in with my guests and I every Wednesday. If you like what you hear, please share with friends and family. Be sure to rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google or wherever you listen to your podcasts.