Creating Life Consciously

Building Relationships of Trust

January 18, 2023 Carmelle Kemp Season 1 Episode 1
Creating Life Consciously
Building Relationships of Trust
Show Notes

TRUST... and how the heck do horses play a role.

Trust, such a simple word yet such a complex navigation within the self.  Trusting ourselves, trusting others and trusting in the unseen can be fraught with peril.

Our past, our fears and our belief systems often get in the way and create barriers to living our lives fully and consciously.

Join Margarita Romano and I as we talk about this tricky yet beautiful navigation that when tapped into enables us to experience a higher dimension of consciousness that teaches us more and more to trust.

Margarita Romano is as unique as her role at LeapZone – Equine-Guided Strategist. Supported by her intuitive equine partners, she loves to collaborate on a strategic level to provide a different perspective, and to help uncover and clarify purpose and direction. Margarita is a visionary strategist, processor, business owner, systems engineer, creative writer, fanatical problem-solver, and the best-selling author of Sitting on the Fence – How to Love Without Limits - a sharing of her life with Isabelle Mercier Turcotte and her realizations, learnings, and ideas about the power of love.

In 2016, Margarita traded her city life for beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, where she now operates Trailblazers alongside her partner Isabelle. Trailblazers is a mesmerizing 5-acre equestrian retreat centre where business leaders come from around the world to take a time-out to focus on their business, their brand, and on what is holding them back from owning their genius.

 As a certified equine-facilitated coach, Margarita helps heart-centred entrepreneurs and couple-preneurs connect the dots to lead spectacular lives driven by heart and soul. Her 20+ years of experience working closely with people and getting to understand how they think and function through brand development and implementation, along with her passion for life, make her determined to help people live and operate by design, and increase their units of happiness.

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